Education We can help you understand the aging process and give you tips and information you need to make smart decisions about your care, or the care of your loved ones. View More Preparation allows Seniors to continue living independent, autonomous lives, and avoid dangerous situations. View More Preparation Resource We can help you identify available resources , and aid you in preparing an emergency plan. View More Management

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to aging, retirement planning and eldercare issues – and the education, preparation and resource management needed to ensure that those among us passing into the later stages of life have everything that they need to live exceptional, long, independent lives.

Our mission is simple – to provide both the elderly and their caretakers with all of the education, preparation and resources that they will need, to ensure a smooth transition to this next, natural stage of life. Aging is a natural part of life – so why do so many of us ignore aging until it’s too late?


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Senior Programs

Programs designed to support our Mission

Green Box Solutions

Our organization emphasizes preparation. We believe families should always be prepared for emergency and end of life situations. We provide organizational tools and kits (Green Boxes) to help families prepare and plan. We believe this will help reduce stress when dealing with unplanned medical and life events. Contact us at for more information about our Green Boxes.

For Seniors

According to Nicholas R. Nicholson’s “A Review of Social Isolation”, the prevalence of isolation among home bound and community dwelling older adults may be as high as 43%. We utilize donations to purchase items to send to home bound and nursing home senior citizens. We feel this is a means to address Senior Isolation and Depression by letting them know the community cares about them.
Currently our For Seniors programs include:
Flowers for Seniors – contact us at for more information
Toiletries for Seniors – contact us at for more information
Cards for Seniors – Seniors can enroll in the cards for Seniors program:

Community Education Events

Green Box Solutions sponsors educational events for the community. The topics are Senior, and Retirement focused. The purpose is to provide the community with current information and a forum to ask questions.

Coffee and Conversations

The Coffee and Conversations program is an informal morning program. We would provide coffee and a lite breakfast (fruit tray, yogurt, bagels). We invite an expert to answer questions about topics that effect Seniors. Members of our nonprofit will also be on hand to discuss our organization.

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