Event Preview: How to Communicate With Your Medical Provider!

Green Box Solutions is hosting an upcoming event entitled How to Communicate with Your Medical Provider, which will be held at Northlake Mall Live 360 on March 21, 2020. But why wait until then to learn a little bit about proper patient-doctor communication for seniors?

In this blog, we’ve put together some communication tips you can use as a senior or caregiver when consulting with doctors – read on, and get a “preview” of what you will learn at our event!

Preparing For Doctor Visits

Before you visit a doctor, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you get the best care;

● Know your family health history – Your doctor can provide better care if you can provide them with an overview of any conditions that run in your family, as well as past medical records, if available.

● Make & bring a list of medicines you take – Make sure you note the dosage, how long you’ve been on each one, and all other relevant information.

● Bring a list of questions/topics to discuss – What do you want to learn about or accomplish at your visit? Make a list to help you stay on track while talking with your doctor.

● Feel free to take notes – Jot down any questions or information that seems important during your exam to make sure you have a written record of your visit. A friend or family member can help with this.

How to Advocate For Your Senior Health Issues

Seniors face unique health challenges, so it’s important that you and your caregiver know how to advocate for your health issues. A few steps you can take include:

● Always asking questions – Even if a question seems silly or dumb, your doctor should be willing to explain the answer in detail.

● Tracking symptoms – Know what symptoms you or your senior are suffering, track them, and be ready to discuss them in-depth.

● Bring a friend or caregiver – Seniors who have someone to advocate for them and bring up questions and concerns will get better care.

You can learn more strategies and ways to advocate for you or your senior’s health issues at our event!

How To Follow-Up After Doctor Visits

Make sure that, if your doctor schedules a follow-up visit, you see them on the provided
schedule. Missing a follow-up visit can cause difficulties with your medical care. In addition, make sure that you follow-up with your doctor if:

● You experience serious side effects from your medicine

● Your symptoms do not improve or get worse

● You get a new prescription or start taking an over-the-counter medicine from another
doctor or specialist

● You need to ask questions about recent test results

When To Consider Changing Doctors

There are a few reasons you may want to consider changing doctors:

● They are too far away from a new place of residence and visits are inconvenient

● Your insurance policy changes and you need to find a new in-network doctor

● You wish to get a second opinion from another doctor

● You have trouble scheduling appointments in a reasonable time period

● Your doctor is not providing the help you need and you are not seeing health

● Your doctor does not communicate well with you

● Your doctor makes you feel uncomfortable, is rude, or takes other actions that do not
foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust

Learn More Tips For Better Patient-Doctor Communication At Our Event!

The above tips are just the beginning. For a deeper overview of the steps you can take for
better medical care as a senior, join Green Box Solutions at Northlake Mall Live 360 on March
21, 2020. Please RSVP by March 14, 2020 by clicking on RSVP or calling 980-622-4926.